Preserving our culture for future generations! 

The Nader Latin American Art Museum (NaderLAAMuseum) that will be built in Miami aspires to be the most important venue in North America to showcase acclaimed Latin American Art and will be fully dedicated to foster knowledge by a continuous process of appreciation and reinterpretation of Modern and Contemporary Art from Latin American and its diaspora. 

The NaderLAAMuseum exclusively devoted to presenting Latin American Art is committed to engaging the community and being the promoter for a cultural transformation. 

Through a permanent collection of Modern and Contemporary paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, installations, and other media, in addition to itinerary exhibitions, the museum's audience will experience and appreciate what is considered to be one of the world's most significant regions of today's art scene. 

The NaderLAAMuseum will serve to educate the community and our youth about the culture and heritage that has established the core of the society we live in today.  The Museum will work as a dynamic cultural center continuously presenting exhibitions, films, music, and theater performances with an active educational program. The Museum’s auditorium will particularly highlight Latin music as one of the greatest contribution to the world. It will also serve as the venue for a Latin American Film Festival.